The Thought Collective

The Thought Collective

Intranet Application

The Thought Collective shares the common purpose of building up Singapore's social and emotional capital. Their group of social enterprises such as School of Thought, Food for Thought, Think Tank, ThinkScape and Common Ground offers new possibilities in the way we think, live and serve as a community.

One of the problem faced by this group is that communication between these entities was fragmented and difficult to coordinate. Thus they are looking for an application which will allow them to better interact and exchange information in a central and secure environment.

The Thought Collective

Python + MongoDB

Built on Python and MongoDB, we were able to turn around an intranet of such scale in almost half the development time that would have usually been required on other development platforms. Cutting edge technology was also used to build the intranet for certain functions, one of which is a real-time chat server specially built from scratch using Node.js and Socket.IO that provides a Facebook Messenger-style chat environment that is also access-controlled by their organisational hierarchy.

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