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When Kuehne + Nagel launched their new competitive strategy, "Focus & Excellence Strategy," in 2014, they needed a campaign website to reach out to their South East Asia and North East Asia employees. The strategy established a new set of values represented by the icon of the "KN Compass," and their new Global Vision: "The Most Respected Forwarding Logistics Group."

The aim of the campaign website was to strengthen the understanding of the new internal values and the strategy. Through designing the campaign website as a social portal, employees were able to learn about the new strategy, demonstrate understanding of the core values, and share their own experiences.

KN Compass Responsive Site

Our approach

Using a mix of images, write-ups and videos laid out as well-designed slides, employees learn the key components of the values and strategy. The message is concise and coherent, just right for the attention spans related to reading online.

Three monthly contests were run to test the employees in their level of understanding of the information delivered on the campaign website. This approach also helps the marketing team to better plan their next releases.

Gamification through leaderboard
Points are awarded for the contest and social sharing, and they count towards a country level leaderboard to pitch the participating country offices against one another, enhancing the learning and sharing experience through gamification.

Images Used In KN Compass Website

Social sharing

Social sharing in the form of writing posts, sharing photos and uploading videos was encouraged. Employees were rewarded with points that elevated their country offices further up the leaderboard.

Experience Sharing

And it's a success

employees visited the site

participated in the contest

scored 5 points and above

shared their experiences

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