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Institute of Service Excellence (ISES)


The Institute of Service Excellence (ISES) of SMU mission is to raise service levels in Singapore by peforming benchmarking and comparative analysis using their Customer Satisfaction Index of Singapore (CSISG) analysis.

As a push towards creating a self-service platform for smaller companies to be able to take advantage of the analysis services, ISES commissioned us to develop a portal that provides frontend customer-facing services and backoffice administrative functions to support this workflow.

myCSISG Screen

ISES backend workflow

The system that we developed integrated smoothly with ISES's already-in-place backend analysis platforms (based on R and a third-party analysis service), allowing ISES to continue using their existing workflows without the need for drastic changes to the workflows, yet able to support a new customer base of smaller companies, thereby expanding their revenue source.

ISES Backend Dashboard
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