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Callfront System

The CallFront System is a custom-designed call centre management software system that is instrumental in the insourcing of the call centre business functions of BRAND'S.

Built as a desktop application that integrates with their new PABX system and existing CRM system, the CallFront System provides customer service officers with the essential tools to serve both online and offline customers.

BRAND'S CallFront

CallFront system

The CallFront System is a client/server-based system specially designed to provide the customer service officers a tool to queue and access their customer calls, and the administrators to manage and obtain an overview of the day-to-day call traffic. Drawing upon our past experience working on the e-commerce websites of BRAND'S, we were able to meet the requirements of the client while working within the restrictions of the PABX system and the CRM system.

CallFront Screen

Permission marketing made easy

Customer service officers can easily keep track of customers who do not wish to be contacted via one, or more, or all of the marketing channels. The customers' "Do Not Call" flags are prominently displayed during search and in customer details screens to prevent customer service officers from unwittingly contacting these customers. The system also intelligently dequeues previously scheduled calls to prevent such scenarios.

Do Not Call

Keep the calls coming

Many small enhancements find their ways into the CallFront System to support an increase in productivity. Take, for example, the auto-loading of next customer's details upon ending a call. By automatically loading the next call in the queue as soon as the current call is ended, the system reduces unnecessary time loss caused by manually pulling up the next call in line. As a result, small savings do go a long way.

Auto Loading Of Next Customer

Full control for managers

Managers can manage their customer service officers, generate reports, upload new leads and define settings for their customer service officers within the system.

Admin Section

Let the numbers speak for themselves

In its current state, the Callfront System has provided so much ease-of-use for the customer service officers and administrators, and an increase in productivity that they are currently looking to move even more of their customer relationship management tasks (from the current CRM system) to the CallFront System.

Average increase in number of calls

Average reduction in time spend per customer

Average increase in sales per month

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