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Gulf Agency Company (GAC)

Corporate Website

Our partnership with GAC started in 2009 when we were selected to redesign their global website. Since then, the partnership grew further with our involvement in developing custom online business solutions, campaign websites and mobile apps.

With each project, we worked with GAC to capture their firm philosophy of placing their customers first in all of their endeavours. The results speak for themselves through the user-friendly functionalities that make up these online entities.

Gulf Agency Company Website

Our approach

We approached the revamp by first conducting a site survey with over 75 selected clients and employees. We then work on the information architecture to better categorize the content into a more coherent structure. The end result is a more streamlined structure with no overlapping or deep-rooted content.

  • Site survey
  • Information Architecture
  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • Content auditing
  • Content migration strategy
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Style guide

Signal, not noise

By segregating the major service offerings into separate content silos, GAC was able to say more to a more relevant target audience. The content silos allow prospective customers to drill down to services of interest, and allow GAC to deliver a more focused message to these prospects through industry news and corporate videos.

Signal, not noise

Giving clients the confidence

GAC's corporate website and mobile apps give their customers a peace of mind knowing that reaching GAC personnel is only one click (or a swipe) away. This is just one of the ways GAC gives their customers the confidence to work with them. The website boasts a contact search function that gives customers easy access to all GAC service staff contact details. The mobile app takes that even further by giving the customers access to the same contact details, even when they are offline.

Giving Clients The Confidence
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