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Implementing more than 650 projects, engaging over 17,000 direct participants, and reaching out to a wide audience across Asia and Europe, the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) faces a real challenge in managing its online presence. With many projects and programmes requiring their own websites, ASEF has to streamline the management of these sites and their site users in a consolidated environment.

The solution? A content management system built on the open-source Joomla! CMS that allows for multi-site management under one roof.

Asia Europe Foundation Website

One CMS, multiple websites, single sign-on

With a single install, the CMS supports multiple websites, each with its own set of templates and user access level controls. This means there is only one codebase to maintain, which greatly simplifies the maintenance efforts for the client.

User management is integrated across all the websites, so that administrators and front-end users are able to use a single login for the ASEF websites. No longer is there a need for users using more than one of the ASEF websites to remember multiple sets of usernames and passwords.

Even with the deep customisation and power enhancements, the ease of future upgrades of the Joomla! core codebase is kept possible, through strict adherence to the standards of the Joomla! API so that the Joomla! core codebase is not changed in any way.

Multi-site Joomla! CMS

Different templates for different stages of a project

Each ASEF project goes through a typical lifecycle, and the project pages cater to just that. Project managers are able to choose from among a set of project templates specially created to allow important and relevant information to be displayed for a particular project stage. From project updates, to media resources, to videos and photos, each template gives the project managers the flexibility to control how these assets are best displayed.

Multiple Project Templates To Cater To Different Projects

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