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Pizza Forecaster

Festive seasons, grey weather, and live sports matches on TV are probably the best times to stay in and enjoy a pizza, but they are also probably the worst times to get one delivered. Pizza Forecaster puts the forecasting power in customers' hands, informing them of heavy rain and rush hours, so that they can order in advance, ahead of long waits, and enjoy their pizzas with their family and friends.

Developed with JWT Singapore for their client Pizza Hut (Singapore), Pizza Forecaster aggregates weather data, festive calendars and sports schedules and pushes out notifications to customers ahead of these expected events.

Never miss your pizzas with family and friends.

Order your pizza the way you like it

Customers can easily order their pizzas via the separate Pizza Hut ordering app, or the Pizza Hut mobile site, or the good ol' way of a phone call, all simply a click away on the Pizza Forecaster app. So, get a forecast notification, and click to order. It's that simple!

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Pizza Forecaster App

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