Marketing Tools We Love (And Think You Should Use Them Too)

MIT professor Neil Gershenfeld once said “Give ordinary people the right tools, and they will design and build the most extraordinary things.” Here’s a list of tools that you should start using for your digital marketing to create something extraordinary. We use these tools ourselves at thepixelage, so we know they are good.

Bookmark this list, as we will keep expanding this list when we discover new tools. Let us know in the comments if you are using any of these, or if you have your own suggestions.

Content Marketing


  • Google Analytics
    Powerful and free analytics service that should serve your needs
  • Google Tag Manager
    Tag management service to simplify the maintenance of tracking codes on your websites.
  • Google Data Studio
    We use this to help us quickly get at the raw analytics data that we will then process and consolidate for our clients’ monthly analytics reports

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation platforms are essentially suites of tools that help you automate your marketing efforts and make such tactics as automated emails, drip campaigns and lead nurturing possible. We are partners of both platforms in this list, and can help you with setting up your own inbound and content marketing strategy. Get in touch.