Don’t Risk Form Engagement With Long Forms; Start Using Progressive Profiling With SharpSpring

SharpSpring’s new progressive fields are a great way to keep your lead generation forms short and sweet, while keeping it possible to build up more lead data over time. Learn the concepts behind progressive profiling in general, and watch a walkthrough of how to add progressive fields in SharpSpring today.

SharpSpring Update: Contact Engagement Score and Engagement Tools

SharpSpring has recently released its email engagement tools and a new contact engagement scoring system to help marketers target engaged recipients and to re-engage with contacts that are at risk of becoming unengaged, or contacts that are already unengaged. By preventing sends to unengaged recipients, SharpSpring is helping to protect your domain reputation and ensure engaged recipients continue receiving your content. Learn more about this important update in SharpSpring and how to start using the new engagement tools.